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Celebrities React Online To Lou Reed's Death

McConnell raised $2.3 million over the same period, bringing his overall total to $17.7 million. He reported $10 million cash on hand. Both have been working hard to raise money from inside and outside Kentucky. Grimes tapped into her celebrity windfall with help from Jeffrey Katzenberg, the chief executive officer of DreamWorks Animation, who hosted a Los Angeles fundraiser for her last month. Donors included Leonardo DiCaprio, Kirk Douglas, Ben Affleck, Woody Allen, Nicholas Cage, Ted Danson and Ben Stiller, most of whom gave maximum $5,200 contributions. Grimes, Kentucky's 34-year-old secretary of state, entered the race only after actress Ashley Judd, a former Kentuckian, decided not to challenge McConnell, the five-term GOP leader who has been targeted for defeat by Democratic leaders. McConnell's campaign was quick to lambast Grimes taking money from "Hollywood liberals." "You couldn't find a collection of people anywhere in America who are more hostile to Kentucky values and conservative principles than the ones on Alison Lundergan Grimes's major donor list," said McConnell spokeswoman Allison Moore. <br>Source:

Even Oprah Winfrey, one of the Presidents most influential mouthpieces during his first election, reportedly refused to get on-board and lend a hand. Hollywood has gone from pushing #getcovered to heading for cover, Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center told FOX411. Stars like Lady Gaga and Sarah Silverman pushed their ObamaCare propaganda to more than 67 million fans on social media. But dont expect them to be honest about the situation. Georgia attorney Patrick Millsaps, who served as chief of staff of Newt Gingrichs 2012 presidential campaign and manages several Hollywood names, said celebrities, like most public figures, know where to draw the line. They are starting to realize they too were sold a bill of goods and this site arent going to be accomplices in a continued fraud, he said. <br>Source:

"It's such an honor any time I'm driving down the street or I'm at school and I see your everyday woman just wearing a piece from my collection, that's kim kardashian bra size something that's so special. You know it's something that really touches me in a way that nothing else has before because they went out and they bought that piece and I'm extremely grateful. Quietly grateful," she said. 2 Jessica Simpson Jessica Simpson had a good singing career, an entertaining reality television career and a not-so-good film career, but as a designer she is having an amazing career. According to WWD , The Jessica Simpson Collection has become one of the most successful celebrity fashion lines of all time. It will most likely become the first ever to earn more than a billion dollars in retail sales considering her line brought in a whopping $750,000,000 in retail sales last year alone. As a result, her estimated net worth from her designs is $100 million. <br>Source:

7 Celebrities who are legitimate designers

"Mr. LOU REED had himself a dream: Velvet the underground & change the music scene. Now he's up & gone away. #RIP Lou Reed, an un-Perfect Day." Filmmaker Kevin Smith. "New York lost one of our greatest gifts today." Def Jam co-founder Russell Simmons. <br>Source:

Celebrities Who Believe In Ghosts!

After the negativity of yesterday, lets lighten the tone around here and concentrate on the positive. What actors or actresses do you just LIKE, on a gut level, people you just respond to positively, whether youve met them or not? (And please indicate whether you have met them.) Actually, not just actors or actresses you can also include people in the public eye, though once again, lets TRY to steer clear of politics, or else well just get into the usual boring back and forth. In your choices, dont limit yourself to people who are alive or that even WERE alive during your lifetime. For example, Ive always just liked John Barrymore. He died in 1942, but I just like the guy. Or Marie Dressler. She has been dead since 1934. Somebody I did meet and like is pictured above Shelley Winters. I interviewed her in 1989. So this is what were looking for the most beloved celebrities of the last company website 100 years. And thanks to Leba Hertz, my editor who you might know from the old podcast. When I mentioned that I think I accidentally sponsored a three minutes hate yesterday, she suggested this idea. A Three Minutes Love. Or at least Like. Please include your choices in the comments below, along with your reasons, or email me at the above email address. <br>Source:

100 Most Liked Celebrities of the Past 100 Years

The hocus pocus holiday of Hallow's Eve is wayyyy more fun (or scary?) if you believe in the ghosts and goblins that rule our fave horror stories and Jennifer Lawrence definitely believes! The award-winning leading lady might look like she hasit all together, but when it comes to ghosts she COMPLETELY loses it. Read about her and other A-listers paranormal tales CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebrities Who Believe In Ghosts!! Ahhh!" CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebrities Who Believe In Ghosts!! Ahhh!" CLICK HERE to see the gallery, "Celebrities Who Believe In Ghosts!! <br>Source:

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It's Cake Middleton! Talented Baker Creates Lifelike Images Of C

Im a piano player. Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis, was more blunt.Id love her to run for president, Presley said. Why? Im a woman, for one thing, Presley replied. Shes been around long enough. She knows the deal and knows the ropes. One of the last stars to arrive, actor Alec Baldwin, moonlights as a political animal. After all, he was an early endorser of Democrat Bill de Blasio in the New York mayoral race, and he just started hosting his own MSNBC show.So, about Clinton in 2016 Id be the worst person to ask that question, Baldwin said, walking away. Chasing him up the steps to Cipriani, we followed up. <br>Source:

Celebrities Wearing Over-the-Knee Boots

By CHARLIE SPIERING | 10/17/13 04:16 PM Now that it's over, here are some of the top ways the Internet reacted to the government shutdown. By CHARLIE SPIERING | 10/17/13 02:58 PM Washington Examiner senior writer Philip Klein is not the only one who thinks President Obama may yet delay Obamacare's individual mandate, even after he flatly rejected the idea when proposed by conservatives during the... By JOEL GEHRKE | 10/17/13 02:50 PM White House Press Secretary webpage Jay Carney fact-checked the information provided to reporters by Obamacare customer service representatives tasked with aiding people in enrolling in the health care exchanges. "It's not... By TIMOTHY P. CARNEY | 10/17/13 02:23 PM After a 16-day government shutdown that seems, from this side, to have been pointless and fruitless, plenty of conservatives are trying to make sense of today's GOP, the Tea Party, and conservatism. <br>Source:

Stars are stepping out in this Fall's It kim kardashian thong shoe and putting their own styling spin on the thigh-high, whether it's pairing them with microshorts or wearing them over pants for a more covered-up look. Click through for seven different looks web link to inspire a full week of dressing. Whats Your Reaction? 0 0 0 0 0 0 We've been eyeing over-the-knee boots for awhile now , and Hollywood's no different. Stars are stepping out in this Fall's It shoe and putting their own styling spin on the thigh-high, whether it's pairing them with microshorts or wearing them over pants for a more covered-up look. Click through for seven different looks to inspire a full week of dressing. <br>Source:

She said: 'When Kate Middleton announced her pregnancy I created a white chocolate topper of the Duchess in celebration. 'I wanted to show that I could make anybody out of chocolate, and she's so pretty it was a lovely challenge.' Miss Clarke has created dozens of custom-made designs including the Go Compare man (pictured) Among her tasty cake creations are Yoda (left) and Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear (right) Miss Clarke, who works for Tombola online bingo, handpaints the figures with food colouring. The four foot high Grinch cake took over 40 hours to create and has an internal wooden structure to keep it upright. She said: 'It was made of chocolate sponge and vanilla icing, covered in fondant. 'There was enough to feed 500 people. 'I taught myself to bake cakes from YouTube and TV shows. Once I started I just couldn't stop.' Miss Clarke spends hours perfecting her realistic designs, such as this Triumph motorbike cake The unusual requests from customers include a beer can cake (left) and a dog's head cake (right) This labour intensive design features handbags, a rabbit, keys, euro notes and a camera with real photograph Miss Clarke's talent has led her business, Tasty Cakes, to receive requests for crazy cakes and ditzy desserts. <br>Source:

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Ray J To Kanye: 'i Hit It First'

other well to the south, but last time we checked, Chicago was well east of Los Angeles, where Ray J resides. But if the singer was actually looking to take a shot at Kanye, then we must say: Mission accomplished. The Bobby Brackins Verse Bobby Brackins has a bright future ahead of him. The Oakland spitter has a number of notable tracks including 2010's Ray J-assisted "143," but he may have bit off more than he could chew on "I Hit It First." With all the controversy surrounding the song, Ray J could've just kept this a solo affair and achieved the same result. The Light-Up Phantom Being an industry veteran surely comes with its perks, so it should come to no surprise that Ray J has a number of toys in his car garage. <br>Visit:

She basically called Ray J out right there on stage and it wasn't pretty. Cocktail even told Mz Berry that after she won in season one, Ray J flew her out to see him several times -- rubbing even more salt in poor Mz Berry's wound. Then Ray J came out on stage, furious at Cocktail for showing up and putting his business out there. The R&B star called Cocktail the b-word more than once, losing his composure more and more as the minutes (which seemed like hours) dragged on. The show ended without an update on Ray and Mz Berry, even though we can guess that it was the end of a relationship that never really began. <br>Visit:

Elliott, the author of Getting Past Your Breakup: How To Turn A Devastating Loss Into The Best Thing That's Ever Happened To You . "Its more like phases. .. [read more] Phases, you go in and out of." Susan would know. She's a best-selling author and New York City-based grief counselor with decades of experience, and someone who has experienced the painful loss of a loved one. <br>Visit:

Ray J Slams Bobby Brown's Sister for Claiming He Gave Whitney Houston Cocaine

He's always trying to show his face when he's with Whitney. Why now? Why you trying to hide, Ray J?" she asked. MORE: Ray J Shoots Down "Despicable" Whitney Houston Sex Tape Rumors Brown then accused Ray J, who was rumored to be casually dating Houston, of being a "runner boy" for the music legend because he "knows somebody that sells drugs" and bought and supplied them to her. <br>Visit:

Applaud this man! Of course, the sad irony for Ray J is that the sex tape only launched one career. Kardashian has gone on to build a powerhouse brand last year Forbes ranked her at No. 7 on their "Celebrity 100" list. <br>Visit:

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'fifty Shades Of Grey' Movie: Francois Arnaud Approached For Chr

She explains it was for business. One famous movie theater chain bans her in protest. (Credit: Madonna/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET) "It's just business" is an explanation that claims to cover a million deadly sins. Anything from betrayal to betrothal. In the case of renowned filmmaker and occasional singer Madonna, she reportedly used business as the reason she texted her way through the New York premiere of "12 Years A Slave." However, as the New York Post's unimpeachable Page Six reported , the singer allegedly offered a further retort to someone who asked her to shush like a virgin and shut off her phone. She is said to have accused her accuser of being an "enslaver." Perhaps this was attempted wit. <br>Source:

After the movie was taken in a different direction than Whedon wanted, he brought the character back on The WB. And the rest is history. "Uncle Buck" (1990) Kevin Meaney took over the role of Uncle Buck for the TV series based on the 1989 film starring John Candy. In the series, Buck is named the guardian of his brother's children after his brother and sister-in-law die in a car accident. In the film, Uncle Buck is just a babysitter. The show lasted one season on CBS. "Fast Times" (1986) Starring Patrick Dempsey and Courtney Thorne-Smith before they were household names, "Fast Times," a sequel to the 1982 movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" lasted only a handful of episodes on CBS. <br>Source: ></a>

"But 'Don Jon' was not only tighter, it conveyed a feeling that was much more in line with the movie's character and that made it easier to market." A unique title - like James Cameron's 2009 "Avatar" - is often the goal, but how much that title mattered to the all-time box office topper is a matter of debate. It works the other way, too. When last year's "Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure" became one of the biggest bombs of all time, how much did that title have to do with it? It's important to remember that the process doesn't take place in a vacuum. The Weinstein Co. and Warner Bros. got into a high-profile spat earlier this year over "Lee Daniels' The Butler," which TWC wanted to call "The Butler." That was the name of a 1916 silent comedy short from Warner Bros., and the studio refused to budge, so TWC was forced to change it a choosing to add the name of its director. Disputes like that are rare, however. <br>Source: news ></a>

TLC returns with 'CrazySexyCool' movie and music

The drama has been met by hundreds of invectives online even though it hasn't been released; the film is still seeking a distributor. Some commenters were critical of the former hostages held in Afghanistan and others say the movie whitewashes those events in the Saemmul volunteers' favor. Lee said organizers of the Busan International Film Festival, where it premiered this month, expressed worries about showing the movie during the festival. Programmer Nam Dong-chul, who saw the movie and selected it for inclusion at Busan, said "God's Eye View" could appeal to audiences even if they were not Christian. "It is very religiously charged movie but it raises very unique questions," Nam said. "It questions what it means to be a martyr." Protestantism is the second-most popular religion in South Korea after Buddhism with some 9 million protestants among nearly 50 million populations. South Korea has the second-largest missionaries after the U.S. <br>Source:

16 report by Just Jared , the French Canadian actor has been approached for the role of Christian Grey . The actor is probably best known for playing Cesare Borgia on the hit Showtime series "The Borgias." The 28-year-old actor once said that he has a "natural darkness," so it sounds like he should have no problem playing a conflicted character like Christian Grey. He also doesn't mind movies about sexhis film "Moroccan Gigolos" was a comedy about three pals who prostitute themselves out to older women so that they can raise enough money to finance their sandwich shop. Arnaud described his character like this: "He takes the necessary steps to get where he wants." Doesn't that sound very Christian Grey-like? more? info… Francois Arnaud is also perfect for the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie because he shares two very important traits with Christian: He can speak French and play the piano. It might Kim Kardashian tape free seem like his chances of replacing Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey are pretty good, but the actor does have some stiff competition. <br>Source:

"We spent a lot of time with them, and they were very observant when it came to looking at how Tionne and I interact with each other, the chemistry that we naturally have." "We spent more time with Lil' Mama, since Lisa was not here," Chilli said. "So we really had to spend more time with her. She looked at a lot of video footage. She did a lot of research." The film includes sequences with Lil' Mama that closely echo the VH-1 documentary "Last Days of Left Eye." "We're really proud with how she portrayed Lisa, and I know Lisa would be very happy and I know her family would be very happy as well," Chilli said. Lil' Mama may join TLC Lil' Mama may be on stage singing Left Eye's parts when TLC tours to promote a new album set for release next year, they said. "For sure, we're talking and thinking about it when we go on tour," Chilli said. <br>Source:

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How Hollywood Celebrities Stay In Shape

Rivera was found dead at 2012 N. Dixie Highway about 9:45 p.m. that day, police said. According to documents read in court by Broward County Judge John "Jay" Hurley, the slaying was orchestrated by Goff. Rivera was shot in the temple and the chest, he said. A witness saw the shooter and Goff running from the scene, police said. Investigators pulled Goff's cellphone records and found that she had set Rivera up, Hurley said. <br>Source:,0,6215735.story

I knew it was going to get in because it was all over the place, she said. It got on camera and it got a lot of placement. Neasi said the films cast became enthralled with the puzzle; once, she spotted Curtis (50 Cent) Jackson fiddling with the Eni on the set. Sebazco and his family have been working for the better part of a decade to build this puzzle and popularize it. He commissioned his father-in-law and brother-in-law, a manufacturer and rocket scientist, respectively, to design the product in 2005. It took five years of prototypes to get it built, patented and ready for the market. Sales of the family invention have steadily grown since its inception, in 2010. Regular clients include the Guggenheim, the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. <br>Source:

Non-linear digital editing came to be the predominant standard, and the company has continually exerted its influence through its extensive R&D, development of IP, and expansion into audio production, broadcast, and live sound. The companys products have been recognized with numerous industry and technology awards, including two Oscars a Grammy, and 14 Emmys. The company holds over 200 patents. Avid continues to develop crucial new technologies, and is at the forefront of helping an industry in rapid change, continually move forward. In view site... September, the company announced Avid Everywhere, its vision to connect creative professionals and media organizations with their audiences in a more powerful, efficient, collaborative, and profitable way. <br>Source:

She recommends kim kardashian eyebrows the Pear Mobile Bluetooth Heart Rate Strap ($70; How Hollywood Celebrities Stay in Shape Let your clothes be the judge Going by the scale isn't the only way to keep an eye on your weight. Says Braganza, "I do what I call my catsuit close-up"fitting, considering she helped both Halle Berry and Anne Hathaway prepare to slink across the silver screen as Catwoman in unforgiving leather outfits. Assessing your shape by how your clothes fit is a practice Braganzaa former NFL cheerleaderextends to her own life by occasionally putting on her old Los Angeles Raiders uniform to see if it still zips. (It does!) She suggests letting your favorite little black dress or a pair of slim jeans be a gauge; slip them on once a month. "People can gain or lose a pound a week, so four Kim Kardashian pounds in a month is a reasonable fluctuation," she notes. "After that, it's time to find balance again." David Kirsch, the New York City trainer who famously whittled Heidi Klum's body back into shape just six weeks after the birth of her fourth child so she could strut her stuff at the Victoria's Secret fashion show, agrees. <br>Source: ></a>

Hollywood Nation: Sir Anthony sends his love

-- one of the best actors he's ever seen. Miley Cyrus has an unlikely -- supporter and sir Paul McCartney. The former beatle came to the pop tarts defense telling sky news that Miley is MTV video music awards performance was only mildly shocking. And that he doesn't understand all the government. Pearl Jam has scored a home run. Rockers ID field soundtrack -- sports upcoming World Series coverage. Including songs from their latest album white people. <br>Source:

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